Saturday, 23 May 2020

Photo Fridge Magnets using Gliding Technique

Hello my lovely crafty friends. Welcome back to my blog. 

A very warm good morning to you all. How are you all doing?? Hope everyone is safe. 

Today I'm sharing few Photo Fridge magnets which I made using Metallic Chalk paints from iCraft brand and gold foil from Nova.

First I cleaned the MDF fridge magnets base with dry cloth. Next I took 3 different shades of metallic chalk paints from iCraft and painted both front and back of it. These chalk paints are very fast in drying. But still I left an hour to completely dry. Now I took different stencils to work on each piece. I placed stencil on fridge magnet and added gliding glue using stencil brush. Next I dried the glue using hair dryer, once it dry, it will more sticky. Next I took gold foil and applied it on the glued area and brushed the extra off using foiling brush. These chalk paints don't need any varnish coz they are already waterproof materials. In middle of these magnets, you can add photos of your loved ones. 

Hope you like it and please do leave me feedback so that I can improve myself.

Happy Crafting 
Stay Safe, Stay Home

With Love
Meena Herale 
Bedridden Crafter 


  1. loving these Meena - the purple on in particular appeals to me. I so admire the variety of crafts you do and do so well
    Stay safe