Saturday, 4 July 2020

Insto Key Holder

Hello my lovely crafty friend, Welcome back to my blog. 
A very warm good morning to you all. How are you all doing?? How is the situation at your now??? Be safe and wear mask. 

I had some health issues again so I was again away  from my blog. I think this 2020 is not good for health coz this year I'm facing lot of health issues. But now I'm back with a fresh new work and totally different from my regular work.

Today I'm sharing a Instant Key holder which we can make in 1 or 2 hours with lot of techniques.

In this Key Holder I have used foiling, stencilling, distressing techniques, ETC. I really enjoyed while doing this work. I have learned this from an Online course and now creating it to take my Online classes and for Orders. If anyone is interested in learning or in custom order then then can contact me.

Hope you like it and please do leave me feedback so that I can improve myself. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe
Happy Crafting 

With love 
Meena Herale 
Bedridden Crafter